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    October 26, 2017 (Thursday) Upper Hall, 7PM

    All members in good standing are invited to attend the Annual General meeting. AGM packages that include the Notice of Meeting, Special Resolution to repeal the Bylaws and Proxy form will be mailed out at the beginning of October. The website will be updated with a copy of the Draft Audited 2016 Financials, as well a copy of the existing Bylaws. Nominations for new Board of Directors are being accepted through the office, and we encourage all interested individuals to contact for more details. 


    The September long weekend marks the end of the summer season at the Ranch park, and the closure of the splash pool.The lake equipment will be locked and the park will no longer be staffed. We would like to thank our seasonal crew for their contribution to the operations of RRRHA over the last four months. 



    Ranch Recreation


    Saturday, October 21st from 9AM - 4PM

    This Red Cross affiliated course is ideal for youth ages 12-15 and covers everything from managing difficult behaviors to essential content on leadership and professional conduct as a babysitter. Babysitting promises to deepen and enhance the responsibility older youth feel when caring for younger children. This updated curriculum, complete with new science, also provides improved learning when it comes to giving the appropriate care in the event of an emergency. Register online or through the office by October 18th. Members $60; non-members $75.  


    Registration is now open for our fall classes like Zumba, Yin/Yang Yoga & Pilates. Also check out other programs running at the Ranch like Dance, YogArt, Karate and Sportball. See our full listing here or print off a brochure. Online registration is available.


    Plans & Updates


    Effective Tuesday September 5th, 2017:

    Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 9:00pm

    Sunday and Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm


    This is a topic of conversation each year amongst both members and non-members; we receive multiple requests for access from a number of different groups. The issue is contentious and unresolved. Discussions are being had at the Board level and the membership will be consulted at the 2017 AGM, as any decision regarding park admission ultimately rests with RRRHA's approximately 2500 existing member households. 

    Latest News


    Published Friday, February 26, 2016

    Welcome to the occasional (and irreverent) musings of the Board Blog.  This is an area for RRRHA directors, volunteers, associates and members to write about anything and everything related to life in Rocky Ridge.  Blog entries will be moderated to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.  Ideas and opinions expressed therein are wholly the responsibility of the author and do not reflect the policies or opinions of the collective RRRHA Board or organization.   Please direct any feedback or comments to the author.