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    2016 AGM

    RRRHA held its AGM on October 26th to deliver the audited accounts for 2015, report on the past year’s activities, brief the membership on the year-to-date financial position and gain broad approval for RRRHA's Strategic Plans; minutes are available for consultation. In brief: the AGM approved the work done to restructure the organization, to bring the Ranch centre building and park into compliance with Health and Safety and Fire Department codes, and, to manage all the maintenance and unexpected repairs that became necessary during the year while staying within budget. The Board expects to end the year with a surplus of at least $50,000 to add to our reserve fund.  The AGM elected three new directors: Carla Knipe, Tessa Sakamoto and Garett Wohlburg. At its first meeting of 2017 the Board elected Anita Coulson as President, Loretta Kao Mo as Vice-President, and Val Ostopowich as Treasurer. 


    As of early November, the City of Calgary informed RRRHA of the limited number of sidewalks and walk paths designated for snow and ice clearance (SNIC) within the City’s annual budget. RRRHA is not permitted to clear snow and ice from any of the walk paths it has traditionally cleared unless it signs a SNIC agreement which, without compensation, would require RRRHA to clear ALL pathways to bare pavement within 24 hours of snowfall (not possible with our limited equipment, staff and resources), placing 100% liability for any claim onto RRRHA. At present, advice from legal and insurance experts has been to advise against signing this SNIC agreement and the Board continue to seek to negotiate a compromise with the City. It would help us greatly if Rocky Ridge residents could let us have your thoughts on this.


    By the Spring of 2017, RRRHA expects to have learned the City’s plans regarding landscaping agreements with homeowner associations and will have a better idea of what areas might fall to RRRHA to maintain or enhance. Our aim is to provide an enhanced floral display in the areas where we can act and to ensure this, the AGM approved our proposal to seek professional help to design and plant the areas under our control.



    Ranch Recreation

    Holiday Card Making Workshop - December 6th 7:00pm - 9:00pm

    If you are a crafter but feel like some guidance would be helpful, this is the place to be. With the assistance of a seasoned card-maker, you will make 4 cards of varying styles and difficulty, enjoy a glass of wine and good company. $20 (members), $25(non-members). Call or stop by the office to register.

    Winter Programs: Registration is open for winter classes - please call or stop the office to register. Online registration will be available shortly. Our programs include classes for adults and classes for children! Please click on the programs tab for more details on the many programs we offer.


    The office will place announcements on our website, social media and neighbourhood signs to let you know when the ice is open. Please note that the former skate room has been closed and RRRHA will have a customized area for users much closer to the park entrance and dock, with benches and storage to get users safely onto the ice. The frozen lake will again be divided into separate areas for hockey and skating.  At weekends we plan to open the Games Room and Pop-Up Café on weekends with snacks and hot drinks to purchase.


    By the New Year, RRRHA expects to have a confirmed diagnostic of the extent of the subsidence/heave problem which forced the closure of the lower tennis court in 2016. The issue proved complex, with contrary opinions from different experts and contractors leading to frustrating delays.  However, we now expect to be in a position to start remedial works in the Spring of 2017 (once snow melt and weather permit) and once fixed the space can be resurfaced and re-versioned to allow for multi-sport activities including tennis and – potentially – pickleball.

    Plans & Updates

    Fall Office Hours:


    Mon/Wed/Fri: 9:00am - 4:30pm

    Tues/Thurs: 10:00am - 6:00pm

    Sat/Sun: 9:00am - 12:00pm

    Pathway Lifecycling: The City of Calgary has completed some much needed repairs and maintenance of various pathways in the community of Rocky Ridge within the last 2 months. At this time work has been concluded until next year. Complaints and queries should be addressed to 311 directly.


    The RRRHA Board wants to engage our members and local residents in a conversation regarding access to and the use of the Ranch. We invite you to contact us directly in person or via social media, to let us have your views on a range of issues:  e.g Should there be any specific rules and/or restrictions over large gatherings/parties in the park? What guidelines should be in place regarding use of the park by professional child-minders)? Should RRRHA offer a limited number of paid day passes for non-members (both as a means of raising revenue, but also to repair relations with neighbours whose homes were not encumbered to RRRHA)? We appreciate that many people hold strong views on this subject and at this stage we are simply gathering information, and the next step would be to conduct a formal survey.  The Board might then hold a General Meeting at which any proposal would be put to a vote of all the membership.


    RRRHA will be consulting residents over the coming months as to what amenities they want to see at the Ranch. What can we offer that would interest and attract all residents, across the generations?  Rocky Ridge has a considerable number of seniors and would like to gauge how many would be interested in attending activities such as a lunchtime book group, or walking group, or bridge or chess club?  What about families with older children, teens or young adults?  Please feel free to offer up your suggestions for consideration and look out for our email surveys so we can be guided to provide the services, programs and events to suit.



    Latest News


    Published Friday, February 26, 2016

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